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Highly effective foliar fertilizer.Easy to apply – more to gain! Micronutrient combinations for your cultivation. Made in Germany.

Understand the cultivated plants and their requirements. Develop custom-fit solutions. Being one step ahead and creating agriculture. That´s what Phytoplanta stands for.

Who are we

Experienced experts. For growth. With passion for agriculture.
Phytoplanta is a young company, a dynamic team, that only accepts the best solutions. We have experienced knowledge in the agricultural sector for decades.

Our offer for sustainable high yields

Green On® ist die nächste Stufe der Blattdüngung – hier erfahren Sie warum:
Die Blattdünger Green On® beruhen auf unserer MicroGo-Technologie bei der chemisch exakt definierte Stoffe entstehen – die MicroGo-Chelate. Mit unserem Green On®-Portfolio bieten wir Ihnen eine neue Art der Blattdüngung, für mehr Wachstum, Vitalität und Ertragsbildung.

Wir stehen für 

  • einen neuen Qualitätsstandard in der Blattdüngung, eine hocheffiziente chemische Verbindung aus Aminosäuren und Mikronährstoffen,
  • stabile, schnell und vollständig in der Pflanze verfügbare MicroGo-Chelate aus Mikronährstoffen,
  • kulturspezifischen Dünger mit herausragenden Ergebnissen im Vergleich zu etablierten Blattdüngern sowie
  • eine größere Nachhaltigkeit, weil biologisch schneller und vollständig abbaubar als vergleichbare Wettbewerbsprodukte.


Our surplus for your company

Back to basics and thereby always one step ahead
Soil and environmental influences are the habitat for our plants. The climatic requirements grow. The soil fertilization is limited – not at least because of new regulations. Some people feel helpless and have the feeling of being at the mercy of external circumstances. What to do? We start with the plant. Our aim is it, to strengthen the plant to a maximum. From inside. Our products boost the metabolism of the plant by the means of micronutrients and amino acids. For this, we develop custom-fit product compositions for the respective crops.
Your plus in terms of yield security
Farmers are doers. People of action. Just hoping to have a good harvest is no option. Keep the things under control! With Green On® you can add the micronutrients and amino acids crop-specifically, that make the difference: a stable, quickly available complex of micronutrients for a high-yield and high-quality harvest.
Products for the practical application
The challenges facing agriculture are growing – also in terms of time. We are there for you, we are working closely with enterprises and renowned institutions and develop solutions that are needed. Our aim: We want to be your firm partner for a guaranteed yield, a high plant quality and an easy application. So that your business runs profitable.

Our experts are glad to be at your disposal.

Our experts are glad to be at your disposal.