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Green On® Arable crops

Highly effective foliar fertilizers, precisely formulated for every type of crop in arable farming.

Optimally supplying crops in arable farming

The most important arable crops in Germany are cereals, maize, rapeseed, sugar beet and potatoes. Although manganese, zinc, boron, copper and iron have similar functions in all plants, each crop has different micronutrient supply requirements. Foliar fertilization is particularly effective when the crop-specific characteristics are taken into account.
Green On® foliar fertilizers have been developed according to this principle to ensure a precisely tailored micronutrient supply for each crop type and to make the best possible use of the site-specific yield potential.
The use of Green On® helps plants to meet their specific nutritional needs and improve their resistance to stress factors. This enables farmers to increase the yields and quality of their arable crops.

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