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TechnologyOur MicroGo chelates make the difference in foliar fertilization!

A foliar fertilizer as a micronutrient combination especially for my plants? Why?

The climatic demands on our crops are increasing. Prices for key nutrients have exploded. New regulations demand the reduction of fertilizers. But we want to harvest good quality, secure yields and remain profitable. Phytoplanta's approach to plant nutrition is to focus on the plant as it is genetically present and to strengthen it to the maximum with the right micronutrients.



Plants need micronutrients via the leaf to support them for optimum growth and yield formation when:
- Root uptake is insufficient, e.g. due to soil moisture and pH value.
- Peak requirements during mass growth and differentiation of the yield organs are not covered
Micronutrients play a central role in the metabolism of plants and micronutrient applications are increasingly used as a fundamental strategy to achieve high crop yields. The amino acid glycine supports plants in the synthesis of chlorophyll and in the production of vegetative tissue. We offer both in one.
Foliar fertilization shortens the path to where the nutrients are needed. Foliar fertilization avoids interactions with other elements present in the soil that could hinder the absorption of micronutrients by the plant. Thus, foliar fertilization is also recommended for areas with unfavourable soil conditions, such as sandy soils or soils with acidic or alkaline pH values, when micronutrients in the soil are not available to the plant. In addition to essential plant nutrition, foliar fertilizers are an acute aid for correcting deficiency symptoms, especially during periods of rapid plant growth or in stressful situations when high levels of nutrients are required.


Green On® – makes the difference for optimized plant nutrition

Green On® is the next generation foliar fertilizer that better exploits the genetic potential of your plants. The highly effective foliar fertilizer supplies the plant with fully water-soluble MicroGo chelates, in which the micronutrients manganese, zinc, copper or iron are bound together with the smallest amino acid glycine and a sulphur residue. All components of the highly effective MicroGo chelates are highly concentrated and completely water-soluble. This means that they can be easily applied together with the plant protection measure without additional application costs. Its pH-lowering effect further supports the plant protection application.

The MicroGo chelates

  • are absorbed extremely quickly via the leaf.
  • arrive exactly where they are needed for growth and yield formation.
  • are completely available to the plant.
  • are precisely formulated for critical growth phases.

Rapid absorption via the leaf and translocation in the plant ensure a high concentration of precisely those nutrients that make the difference for intensive and healthy plant growth at certain growth stages. In contrast to synthetic chelates, all components of MicroGo chelates are used directly for the plant's metabolism and any part that ends up in the soil is either absorbed via the roots or incorporated into microbial biomass without leaving any residue.

Green On® products are precisely formulated to meet the different micronutrient requirements of the crop plants. This gives your crops more energy to concentrate on the essentials: Growth, vitality and yield formation!

MicroGo – Technology that works

The MicroGo technology in Green On® combines the amino acid glycine and the micronutrients manganese, zinc, copper or iron to form chemically precisely definable molecules. The result is stable chelates.
The key advantages of our glycinate technology are the small, stable compounds with a neutral electrical charge, which are easily and quickly absorbed by the plant tissue.
The process takes place in our in-house production process at our Neuendettelsau site. The resulting MicroGo chelates, also known as glycinates, support plant growth and yield formation in a special way.

MicroGo chelates are absorbed 2 - 6 times better into the leaf tissue than conventional foliar fertilizers (e.g. EDTA chelates).
More energy for growth and yield formation through targeted promotion of chlorophyll formation and photosynthesis.
Green On® ingredients arrive: the micronutrients (e.g. zinc) are transferred to where they are needed in the plant, right up to the grain. 
Increased yield and quality in the field through improved nutrient efficiency.

Good for plants and the environment

Green On® is produced using molecules found in nature that can be fully metabolized. All ingredients can be utilized in the plant and are residue-free in the soil and environment. All Green On® products are suitable for organic farming in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/848 and Regulation (EU) 2021/1165. In addition, the Green On® product portfolio is FiBL listed, i.e.: Green On® products are listed in the input list for organic production in Germany. This means that they have also been tested for German production in accordance with the Biokreis, Bioland, Demeter, Gäa, Naturland and Demeter International standards.

The user-friendly application concept

User-friendliness starts with the packaging! All Green On® products are supplied in packaging units of 3 kg. This content is sufficient for a single treatment of 6 hectares with Green On® cereals or maize and for 4 hectares with Green On® potato, rapeseed or sugar beet. The dust-free, water-soluble granules can be easily dosed by volume (see table) per hectare using the Green On® measuring cup (available from your sales contact).
Information on exact and safe dosing can be found on the back of the packaging of Green On® products and online on the respective product page. Please use the usual protective equipment for plant protection during application.

In addition to practical and safe use, environmental protection has also been taken into account:
The packaging effort is limited to the necessary packaging material, and the stand-up pouches can simply be returned via PAMIRA. Our products are compatible with almost all common plant protection products and can be mixed without hesitation. You will find precise information on miscibility on the respective product page.
Simply dosed correctly!

Green On® – mixes well in the spray tank

Green On® products are excellently compatible with plants and can be mixed well with standard crop protection products.
For best miscibility, we recommend the usual sequence when adding mixing partners: Always add Green On® products as the first mixing partner in the tank half-filled with water, with the agitator switched on and only add further products after complete dissolution.

Please note the following exceptions:

The following applies to all Green On® products

  • Mixture with borethanolamine not recommended, e.g. BORTRAC® or Lebosol®-Bor.
  • Miscible with 1:1 diluted AHL, also with 1:1 diluted ATS, if Green On® was dissolved in water before adding AHL or ATS; no tank mixing with AHL or ATS pure.
  • Green On® Getreide: No miscibility with ARIANE™ C
  • Inclusion for miscibility for Green On® special crops

For unknown mixtures, we recommend testing for physical miscibility with a small sample quantity before filling the sprayer.

Green On® – Exactly what my plant needs.

Strengthens the plant. Increases the yield.

Our experts are glad to be at your disposal