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Green On®
Oilseed rape

Precisely tailored foliar fertilization for oilseed rape with water-soluble and fully plant-available MicroGo chelates for effective plant nutrition.  

Get out what the breeding has to offer!

Green On® Rape is an efficient multi-nutrient foliar fertilizer that can be used in spring and winter oilseed rape. This is because the oilseed rape is optimally supplied with all the nutrients it needs for good growth and optimum yield performance. In our highly effective Green On® Rape, the trace elements manganese and copper are bound as stable chelates with the amino acid glycine (MicroGo technology). The additional boron, which is also water-soluble, is the extra portion of boron that the rapeseed needs precisely during the application period of Green On® Rapeseed. The nutrients are thus absorbed very quickly via the leaf and distributed in the plant so that they can develop their full effect. All the ingredients of the water-soluble MicroGo chelates are fully available to the plant and help your plants to make good use of their genetic growth potential.

And this is how your oilseed rape benefits:

  • Supply gaps during the elongation phase and differentiation of side shoots and buds are avoided
  • Green On® oilseed rape ensures the full effect of the insecticides and at the same time optimizes the supply of micronutrients
  • Oilseed rape is supplied with boron during the recommended application periods
  • The energy balance of the oilseed rape plant is strengthened when applied until shortly before the start of flowering, which extends the flowering phase and improves pod set
  • Manganese and boron promote winter hardiness

Green On® Rape is precisely formulated and ideally suited for tank mixtures with insecticides for beetle treatment (BBCH 31-59). The full effect of the insecticides is maintained and optimized by the pH-reducing effect. Green On® Rape is completely water-soluble.

The result: more growth, vitality and yield.

(determined additional yield of 2.7dt/ha and a rapeseed price of 41.46 €/dt in an exact test)

Micronutrients in Green On® Oilseed rape

13,4 % Mn | 4,8 % B | 3,0 % Cu | 3,6 % N | 8,2 % S
Micronutrients chelated with glycine  

MicroGo technology

MicroGo chelates are precisely defined molecules of micronutrients chelated with the smallest amino acid glycine and a sulphur residue.
Find out more about our innovative MicroGo technology.

Efficient in the field

Increased yield through targeted promotion of yield components: Green On® rapeseed at the beginning of the elongation phase promotes the development of side shoots as a key yield component. The associated additional boron supply to the bud plants improves pod set and leads to significant yield increases. 

Farm area treated with Green On®, 2022. Green On® rapeseed helps to prolong the flowering phase, which promotes fertilization and pod set.

FiBL listed

Green On® oilseed rape is listed in the list of inputs for organic production in Germany. This means that it has also been tested for German production in accordance with the Bioland, Demeter, Gäa, Biokreis, Naturland and Demeter International guidelines.

Fertilizer recommendation for oilseed rape

We recommend the use of Green On® Oilseed rape in a tank mix with insecticides for beetle treatment (BBCH 31-39). The effectiveness of insecticides is impaired by the pH-increasing effect of liquid boron (borethanolamine). Green On® Oilseed rape ensures the full insecticide effect and a sufficient boron supply before the flowering phase by acidifying the spray solution.

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