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Green On Produktverpackung Aktiv

Green On®

Fertilize special crops precisely via the leaf with water-soluble and fully plant-available MicroGo chelates to specifically promote fruit development. 
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Targeted improvement of fruit - harvesting the best quality

As a foliar fertilizer, Green On® Aktiv provides targeted support for fruit development in fruit, fruiting vegetables and head-forming vegetables to efficiently prevent calcium deficiency. The highly effective Green On® Aktiv also contains the trace elements manganese, zinc and copper as stable chelates bound with the amino acid glycine (MicroGo technology). In combination with the amino acid glycine, this strengthens leaf activity for more photosynthesis and leaf health as well as tolerance to intense sunlight and drought. All ingredients of the water-soluble MicroGo chelates are fully available to the plant and help the plants to make better use of their growth and yield potential. The nutrients are absorbed very quickly via the leaf and distributed in the plant so that they can develop their full effect.

This is the effect of Green On® Active:

  • Improves fruit firmness, transport and storage stability and maintains the freshness of the crop.
  • It can prevent stippling, blossom end rot, skin cracking, corking, fruit bursting, inner leaf necrosis and Botrytis infestation by strengthening the cell walls.
  • Maintains the vitality of the leaf apparatus and contributes to the nutrient supply of leaf and flower buds in the following year (frost, cold, heat, drought).

Effect – Combination is the key!

Green On® Active provides special crops with calcium and the micronutrients manganese, zinc, copper and boron in a targeted and efficient manner during critical growth phases, in a balanced ratio to each other. This ensures that the crop is optimally supplied during fruit development.
The yield potential of the crops is better exploited with the precise combination of Green On® products. The increased tolerance to frost, cold, heat, drought and intensive radiation also contributes to this. Ensure high crop yields and quality in a targeted manner.  
We recommend application at the appropriate growth stage for each crop. The combination of Green On® Active with Green On® Start or Green On® Vital provides you with the perfect solution for optimum nutrition of your crop. Find out more about the application here.

The result: more growth, vitality and yield.

Micronutrients in Green On® Active

2 % B | 4,5 % Zn | 16,8 % CaO | 7,3 % Mn | 1,2 % Cu | 3 % N | 6,8 % S
Mn, Zn and Cu chelated with glycine

Efficient in the field

Treatment with Green On® Start (750 g/ha) after flowering and Green On® Aktiv (750 g/ha) from the start of fruit discoloration.
The combined application of Green On® Start and Green On® Aktiv results in

  • greener, phytosyntetically active foliage
  • higher fruit yield
  • better fruit quality.
For 9.6 % more yield and 10 % more revenue.

By using Green On® Active you can prevent deficiency symptoms such as ...

  • Blossom end rot in tomatoes 
  • Spottiness in apples
  • Inner leaf necrosis in lettuce and cabbage
  • Botrytis in grapes

Fertilizer recommendation Green On® Active

We recommend application at the appropriate growth stage for each crop. By selecting and combining Green On® Start and Green On® Active in the course of the vegetation period, you get the perfect solution to achieve yield and quality targets for your crops.

Apply Green On® Start as follows:

  Vegetative growth: Leaf development Fruit set Fruit formation or start of head formation Post-harvest in preparation for the following season
  Green On® Start or Green On® Vital*
(750 g/ha per application)
Green On® Active
(750 g/ha per application)
Green On® Start
(750 g/ha per application)
Crop Recommendation Timing Recommendation Timing Recommendation Timing
Stonefruit 1x From ballooning stage before and after flowering 1–2x Beginning of color change until fruit ripening 1x After harvest
Pomefruit 1x From red bud before and after flowering 2–4x Walnut size up to 7 days before harvest - -
Strawberries/shrubberries 1x From green bud, start of shoot growth 1–2x From fruit set to harvest - -
Grapevine 2x From visible shoots and before bunch closure   From berry brightening - -
Fruit vegetables 1x With sufficient leaf mass until early bud stage 1–2x From fruit set - -
Head-forming vegetables 1x With sufficient leaf mass 1–2x Beginning of head formation up to half head size - -
Leaf, root and tuber vegetables, onions 1–2x With sufficient leaf mass - - - -
Hops 2–3x Start of length growth, appearance of flower buds - - - -
Christmas trees 1–2x After budding - - - -
*On cold-wet and/or alkaline soils and for organic cultivation Green On® Vital instead of Green On® Start

Green On® Start is ideal for tank mixes. The full effect of the plant protection products is retained and optimized by the pH-reducing effect. Green On® Start is completely water-soluble.
For best effectiveness, add Green On® as the first mixing partner in the spray tank. Add the other mixing partners after the product has dissolved. 

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