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Green On Zinc

Superior foliar fertilizer for higher yield and quality. Cures Zinc deficiency.
Most efficient zinc. Easy to apply. Economically profitable.

Green On Zinc

Most efficient zinc to cure deficiency and stimulate growth

  • High uptake rate and low losses
  • Avoidance of zinc deficiency during peak demand
  • Stimulation of chlorophyl synthesis and vegetative growth
  • Improved tolerance towards heat, drought and high irradiation
  • Yield and quality improvement

For all crops

  • Tropical fruits 
  • Vegetables
  • Rice 
  • Sugar cane

Nutrients in Green On Zinc

26.0 % Zn


MicroGo chelates are precisely defined molecules of micronutrients chelated with the smallest amino acid glycine and a sulphur residue.
Find out more about our innovative MicroGo technology here

Application recommendation

  Green On Zinc
Crop Application rate Application time /
Growth stage
Tropical fruits 25 g/20 l water 2-3 times/season
Rice 50 g/rai 1-2 times/season
Sugar cane 50 g/rai 1-2 times/season
Vegetables 50 g/rai 1-2 times/season

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