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Green On®

Provide special crops on cold, wet and/or alkaline soils and in organic farming with water-soluble and fully plant-available MicroGo chelates via the leaf right from the start in order to vitalize the foliage in a targeted manner.  
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Vitalizes the foliage for the best quality

Green On® Vital is the efficient foliar fertilizer for locations with limited iron supply. In the case of iron deficiency due to high pH values in the soil, especially on calcareous soils (calcium chlorosis), as well as cold and wet soils (bad weather chlorosis), Green On® Vital provides targeted support for the vegetative growth of special crops right from the start. Green On® Vital provides the "extra portion" of iron to prevent leaf chlorosis due to iron deficiency at an early stage. In order to avoid a deficiency of other micronutrients induced by the increased iron supply, Green On® Vital also supplies zinc, manganese and copper for an optimally balanced micronutrient supply. Green On® Vital is approved in the FiBL list of inputs for organic farming.

In our highly effective Green On® Vital, all trace elements are bound as stable chelates with the amino acid glycine (MicroGo technology). The nutrients are absorbed very quickly via the leaf and distributed in the plant so that they can develop their full effect. The combination with the amino acid glycine makes the difference to conventional foliar fertilizers; the water-soluble MicroGo chelates are fully available to the plant and support the plants in making better use of their genetic growth potential, even under challenging site conditions. This makes Green On® Vital the perfect partner right from the start for iron-deficient sites.

Green On® Vital stands for:
Targeted micronutrient supply to optimize leaf growth and fruit set on wet, cold and/or alkaline sites
Prevents leaf chlorosis thanks to highly efficient iron formulation
Promotes tolerance to heat and intense radiation
Delays leaf ageing and improves assimilation performance for better fruit quality
Approved for organic cultivation

Effect – Combination is the key!

Green On® Vital supplies the special crops with micronutrients iron, zinc, manganese and copper in a targeted and efficient manner in critical growth phases in a balanced ratio to each other. The crops are optimally supplied right from the start and also receive an extra portion of iron.
The yield potential of the crops is better exploited with the perfect combination of the products Green On® Vital and Green On® Active for wet, cold and/or alkaline soils. This is due not least to the increased tolerance to frost, cold, heat, drought and intense radiation, which ensures high yields and quality.
We recommend application at the appropriate growth stage for each crop. The combination of products provides you with the perfect solution for optimum nutrition of your crop. Find out more about application here.

The result: more growth, vitality and yield.

Micronutrients in Green On® Vital

9,6 % Fe | 5,3 % Mn | 5,4 % Zn | 2,5 % Cu | 5,5 % N | 12,4 % S
Fe, Zn, Mn and Cu chelated with glycine

MicroGo technology

MicroGo chelates are precisely defined molecules of micronutrients chelated with the smallest amino acid glycine and a sulphur residue.
Find out more about our innovative MicroGo technology.


Efficient in the field

Trial operator: Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture (LWG), Veitshöcheim. Two Green On® Vital treatments with 750 g/ha each, leaf analysis on 02.08.2022.

FiBL listed

Green On® Vital is listed in the list of inputs for organic production in Germany. This means that it has also been tested for German production in accordance with the Bioland, Demeter, Gäa, Biokreis, Naturland and Demeter International guidelines.

Fertilizer recommendation Green On® Active

We recommend application at the appropriate growth stage for each crop. By selecting and combining Green On® Vital and Green On® Active during the growing season, you will receive the perfect solution to achieve your crop's yield and quality targets.

Apply Green On® Vital as follows:

  Vegetative growth: Leaf development Fruit set Fruit formation or start of head formation Post-harvest in preparation for the following season
  Green On® Start or Green On® Vital*
(750 g/ha per application)
Green On® Active
(750 g/ha per application)
Green On® Start
(750 g/ha per application)
Crop Recommendation Timing Recommendation Timing Recommendation Timing
Stonefruit 1x From ballooning stage before and after flowering 1–2x Beginning of color change until fruit ripening 1x After harvest
Pomefruit 1x From red bud before and after flowering 2–4x Walnut size up to 7 days before harvest - -
Strawberries/shrubberries 1x From green bud, start of shoot growth 1–2x From fruit set to harvest - -
Grapevine 2x From visible shoots and before bunch closure 1x From berry brightening - -
Fruit vegetables 1x With sufficient leaf mass until early bud stage 1–2x From fruit set - -
Head-forming vegetables 1x With sufficient leaf mass 1–2x Beginning of head formation up to half head size - -
Leaf, root and tuber vegetables, onions 1–2x With sufficient leaf mass - - - -
Hops 2–3x Start of length growth, appearance of flower buds - - - -
Christmas trees 1–2x After budding - - - -


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