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Green On Growth & Yield

Superior foliar fertilizer for higher yield and quality. All in for vigorous growth and high yield. Essentials for fruit set and fruit quality.

Green On Growth & Yield

Exploitation of genetic potential, prevent latent deficiency

  • More yield  
  • Easy to apply
  • Economically profitable

For all crops

  • Tropical fruits 
  • Vegetables
  • Rice 
  • Sugar cane

Nutrients in Green On Growth

14.0 % Zn | 6.0 % Mn | 1.0 % Cu | 1.0 % B

Nutrients in Green On Yield

9.0 % Ca | 10.0 % Zn |5.0 % Mn |1.0 % Cu | 1.0 % B


MicroGo chelates are precisely defined molecules of micronutrients chelated with the smallest amino acid glycine and a sulphur residue.
Find out more about our innovative MicroGo technology here

Green On Growth & Yield in the field

Potato yield increased up to +10 % with Green On program compared to farmers practice (FMP) in two independet potato trials.
Strip trials: table potatoes, Thailand, 2023.
2x Green On Growth and 2x Green On Yield

Application recommendation

  Green On Growth Green On Yield
Crop Application rate Application time /
Growth stage
Application rate
Application time /
Growth stage
Bell pepper,
2 x 50 g/rai 4-6 leaf stage
Before Flowering
3 x 50 g/rai 2 weeks after first fruit set
4-5 weeks after first fruit set
8-9 weeks after 1st fruit set
Potato 2 x 50 g/rai Before row closure
Early tuber initiation
2 x 50 g/rai End of tuber initiation
75% of final tuber size
Citrus 2 x 50 g/rai Post harvest foliage flush
Before flowering, bud stage
3 x 50 g/rai After fruit set
Fruit at walnut size
Before fruit discolouring
Durian 2 x 50 g/rai 8-10 weeks before flowering 
After fruit set
4 x 50 g/rai Fruit at tennis ball size
Fruit tennis ball size +50%
Fruit at double tennis ball size
2 month before harvest maturity
2 x 50 g/rai As soon as sufficient leaf area exists
Early bulb formation
2 x 50 g/rai 0% final bulb size
70% final bulb size
2 x 50 g/rai As soon as sufficient leaf area exists
2-3 weeks later
Sugarcane 2 x 50 g/rai Tillering 45-60 days after planting
Early stem elongation, 90-120 DAP
Rice 3 x 50 g/rai Mid tillering
Panicle initiation
Late booting
3 x 50 g/rai 4-6 leaf stage
10-12 leaf stage
Before tasseling

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